Jordas Verdict Quickstart guide

JV can be a very frustrating and confusing experience at first, especially if you are trying to learn it by yourself. Here are some pointers to make it as easy as possible to get started.

  1. Equip a raid-viable frame!
    • Take a look over at the builds.
    • If you can equip a Corrosive Projection it is recommended that you do so.
  2. Bring a good archwing shown below in order of viability:
    • Amesha (the best by far for beginners, even a rank 0 Amesha is better than any other archwing for learning the Jordas Verdict Raid)
    • Odonata or Odonata Prime
    • Elytron and Itzal
  3. Modding Archweapons
    • Archguns
    • Raditation and Cold status is ideal for Archguns - Arch-Melee
    • Make sure you have not modded your Arch-Melee for Viral. This effects the spore and makes it rather squishy.
  4. Build your Antiserum Injector
    • If you don’t have enough fragments to build one yet look below at the Antiserum Fragment Farming section.
    • It is possible to do the raid without an injector equipped, however you will be prone do dying and will be unable to interact with certain mechanics.
  5. Craft shield restore pads
    • These are highly useful in phase 3 of the raid.
    • If you have the Amesha archwing, you probably don’t need any shield restores.
    • Even smaller sizes will do if you don’t have access to the large ones
    • Bind your shield restores to a keyboard button, you might have to use them quickly.
  6. Join a Jordas Verdict bus on RSB.
    • Join the server.
    • Add the LFBus Role and begin looking for a bus.

Inside the Raid

Antiserum Fragment Farming

You can farm antiserum fragments in the the Jordas Verdict or in Infested Salvage. - It can be noted that antiserum fragments will only drop in Stage 1 of the Jordas Verdict. - Antiserum fragments are not effected by the Vacuum augment so you will need to walk over them to pick them up.

Listed below is the amount of fragments required to research the antiserum injector in a Clan Dojo’s Energy Lab. In addition to the amount in the table you will require an additional 500 fragments to build a injector for yourself.

Clan Size Fragments Required
Ghost 600
Shadow 1,800
Storm 6,000
Mountain 18,0000
Moon 60,0000