Law of Retribution - Volt


King of speed, Volt is a very versatile frame and widely used not only in normal runs but also speedruns. Not only can he make the raid go a lot faster, but his unique abilites allow him to buff his allies damage considerably and also CC the enemies (albeit smaller range of CC than Rhino and Vauban).

Volt recommended build

The Arcane Storm and, to a lesser extent, Arcane Pulse helmets are a nice addition to this build but are by no means required.

Budget build*

Volt budget build

Link to budget build

*budget build means no forma, no primed warframe, no primed mods, no event or Baro Kit’eer mods, and no mods over rank 8

Role: Support and, if you have Volt Prime, bomb carrier.

Build notes


Alternative Builds

Volt alternative build

You can replace Rush with Shock Trooper to further boost your teammates’ damage and help them kill priority targets or the final boss.