Jordas Verdict - Trinity EV


You are support. You do half of the work of you entire team, you get none of the credit, and you get all of the blame. Welcome to EV trinity.

Thankfully, JV is so saturated with enemy spawns that you are almost guaranteed on-demand EV targets in every stage. If you’re on-point, there’s no reason why your team shouldn’t enjoy the benefit of a full overshield and energy pool throughout the run. Another blessing (pun not intended) is that your team will be much less spread out than they would be in LoR, as there are very few stages which have the team cover great distances. Enjoy having a much easier time. You are still getting yelled at when the Nekros goes down, though.

Trinity recommended build

Budget build*

Trinity budget build

Link to budget build

*budget build means no forma, no primed warframe, no primed mods, no event or Baro Kit’eer mods, and no mods over rank 8

Role: Support (Energy Supplier)

Build notes


Hybrid Build

Trinity hybrid build