Jordas Verdict - Equinox


In a raid where kills per minute translate to speed of progression, your group requires a way to reliably deliver devastating damage to numerous enemies at once. Banshee is one example of a frame that can do that, however her weakness is that she loses all mobility while outputting the damage. The answer to this problem is Equinox.

Able to stay on the move and still generate injectors for the entire room, this frame is a prime choice for completing TJV quickly, painlessly and efficiently. Learning when and how to use Maim is key to being able to DPS and complete mission objectives at the same time. WIth that in mind, Equinox can be one of the most fun and dynamic roles in a JV group, with a skill ceiling higher than most other frames.

Equinox recommended build

Budget build*

Equinox budget build

Link to budget build

*budget build means no forma, no primed warframe, no primed mods, no event or Baro Kit’eer mods, and no mods over rank 8


Build notes