Jordas Verdict - Archwing - Amesha


Your Archwing build in the Jordas Verdict will mark the difference between making the raid easy or constantly needing to be revived. For that purpose, Amesha is arguably the best choice, not only for new players but also for experienced raiders. This archwing doesn’t just allow you to protect yourself and your team, but you will also be able to replenish yours and your squads health and energy.

Make no mistake - if there is such a thing as Archwing God-mode, Amesha is it.

Amesha recommended build

Budget build*

Amesha budget build

Link to budget build

*budget build means no forma, no primed warframe, no primed mods, no event or Baro Kit’eer mods, and no mods over rank 8

Role: CC, Bomb Carrier

Build notes